What is the softest wood for whittling? Basswood is the quintessential whittling wood. This is the clear #1 choice for both beginners and experienced whittlers. It is very soft and is easy to slice and cut with a knife. In addition, the grain of Basswood is fine, and it is less likely to chip or split compared with other carving woods.. 54. Whittling Hillbilly Out of Wood. One more idea for caricature carving. 55. Small Squirrel Carving Out of Wood. This whittling project would fit a beginner to make the very first steps in wood carving. 56. Mouse Whittling Project. Gene Messer has nice tutorials on some basic whittling projects for beginners. Basswood for sale for wood carving, whittling wood, chip carving, relief carving, wood burning (pyrography) and model building wood. At Arrowhead Wood Products, we understand the wood carvers need for quality stable wood to put your time and money into. Northern Minnesota Basswood is light in color and among the best carving wood available. "/>Basswood whittling